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Fic: Stealing Kisses 
05:08am 30/09/2012
  Title: Stealing Kisses
Chapters: 1/1
Author: csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Drama. Romance.
Ratings: T
Word Count: 4,365
Pairings/Characters: Jimmy Myers/Bo.
Synopsis: Five Times Jimmy and Bo kiss and one time it actually counts.
Comments: Written in response to cottoncandy_bingo prompt: couples first kiss, even if it takes a while to get there. Notes: Jimmy is still a werewolf because he bit Jake as he was dying. Also, I’m ignoring the existence of the were-bear like wolves and going with a more typical werewolf (like Teen Wolf or Big Wolf on Campus) because I can’t take that thing seriously. And there is gratuitous use of werewolf fanlore, as well. Characters not mine, please enjoy! Comments are awesome.

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Howl Pt2 
01:13am 27/07/2011
mood: blah

Howl 2/?

Disclaimer : I dont own Cursed or any of its characters regardless of what the little voices say O.o

Warning: Slash, slight dub-con, mentions of violence

Summary: The curse has not left the Myers family and its presence has awakened primal instincts in Jimmy that will push the boundaries of friendships.

Feedback is appreciated

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Fic Long Winter Nights 
10:24pm 28/11/2010
mood: creative

Title: Long Winter Nights
Author: Spoodlemonkey
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo
Rating: PG-13

Mornings are the worst because they are filled with hope that threatens to rise up and choke them until they’re left gasping for breath they cannot find. Collapse )
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Fic Almost 
03:55pm 03/10/2010
mood: crazy

Title: Almost
Author: Spoodlemonkey
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own...
Rating: PG-13

3 kisses that almost happened and the one that didCollapse )
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New Fic!! 
08:11pm 24/07/2010
mood: bouncy

Howl 1/?

Disclaimer : I dont own Cursed or any of its characters regardless of what the little voices say O.o

Warning: Slash, slight dub-con, mentions of violence

Summary: The curse has not left the Myers family and its presence has awakened primal instincts in Jimmy that will push the boundaries of friendships.

Feedback is appreciated
Follow the wolfs bane trailCollapse )
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Fic Hunted 
11:59pm 24/06/2010
mood: crazy

Title: Hunted
Author: Spoodlemonkey
Genre: Drama. X-Over
Ratings: R
Word Count: Around 4500?
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo.
Summary: Bo knows he's seen that car and those two guys before; and he gets the horrible feeling they're following them.

HuntedCollapse )

A/N- it's been soooo long since I wrote Jimmy/Bo and I'm totally rusty but hopefully it turned out okay. I have a list of Jimmy/Bo ideas and this was number, like, twenty, so it had to be done!
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Jimbo (Jimmy/Bo) Fic 
11:13pm 24/01/2010
  Title: What if
Author's Name: Claddagh
Disclaimer: Obviously these characters are NOT mine, if they were I would be a very happy girly!
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jimbo (Jimmy/Bo)
Summary: What if Jimmy had reacted differently to the kiss?
Feedback: Yes! Please let me know what you thought!

This is my First fic posted in this community and for this pairing, so please be nice, but not too nice as constructive critisism is appreciated!

What IfCollapse )
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first fic in this fandom! 
10:03am 08/12/2009
mood: cheerful
I thought I posted this already! But I realized I might have forgotten to..

Title: Some things never change.
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing: Jimbo! (Jimmy/Bo that is)
Rating: PG or whatever the literary equivalent is, it's tame. might have bad words in it, I don't remember, but knowing me, probably..
Warning: slash (i.e. homosexual theme, nothing graphic happens) mentions of werewolf attacks and sisters.. and it's a bit cheesy :)
A/N: Okay, this is not one of my fandoms, per se, I mean I happily read it, but I never thought I'd write it myself, but when you watch the movie, it's just begging for an alternative ending, right? So I had to write at least one, and here it is.. it's not an alternative ending, but an extended one. Enjoy!
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Fic: Protégé Moi 
09:17pm 25/10/2009
mood: content
Title: Protégé Moi
Chapters: 1/1
Author: csi_sanders1129
Genre: Drama. Angst.
Ratings: T
Word Count: ~1800
Pairings/Characters: Jimmy/Bo. Mentions of Brooke.
Synopsis: In the month following the werewolf incident, Bo sort of becomes a permanent fixture.
Comments: I don’t where this came from, given that I had more recent fics in mind to work on over the weekend, but this pushed and shoved and yeah. Here it is. It’s kind of in a weird style – there’s no actual dialogue, but there is. I don’t know why it came out like this. Kinda dark-ish. Um, boys aren’t mine. OC’s are – though I’m not sure I want them. Enjoy!

Read Here
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Couple of Ficlets 
01:44am 06/09/2009
So the other day week (I suck with deadlines) csi_sanders1129 wrote a meme asking for fic prompts. I asked her for a BWoC fic and copied the meme so she could request a fic in return and she gave me the prompt Jimmy/Bo, fever. This isn't that (Again, I suck at deadlines) But I'm totally gonna get on that soon. Anyway, over on fanfiction.net I'm writing 100 fics for the Jimmy/Bo pairing for the fanfic100 comm here on LJ. I gave up posting them there as no-one commented and I don't really want the banner for completing it that badly.

Anyway, someone commented with the annoying 'review' of 'Please update'. I can get why considering the fic has amassed a few fans and they've been waiting a good few months for an update. Anyway I figured I'd get off my ass and write ten or so more. Then fanfiction.net spazzed and won't let me upload new documents right now.

So anyway because I'm into instant gratification I don't wanna wait around til I can post to get reviews for the fics I wrote and since two are kinda long and a pair I figured I'd post em here for ya'll to enjoy and to give you a taste of what's coming as soon as the techs at fanfiction.net get off their behinds and fix my account kplzthnx soon.


Drunk. PG-13. 427 Words. Warnings: AngstCollapse )


Sober. R. 702 Words. Warnings: angst and swearingCollapse )
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The Wolf And His Boy 1/1 
11:54pm 26/06/2009
  Title: The Wolf And His Boy
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Don't own Cursed---would have slashed it into more than a onesided love if I had.
Summary: Brooke was Jimmy's girlfriend and Bo his friend, and yet why did it feel as if it was the other way around? After the eventual breakup with Brooke, Jimmy has to convince Bo that the handsome boy does NOT want to go on a date with Dick---err---Dirk.
Note: SLASH, Post Movie.

Read: The Wolf And His Boy
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Just One Kiss (PG) 
10:23pm 26/01/2009
mood: blah
Title: Just One Kiss
Author: pyroisjohnny
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing/Characters: Jimmy/Bo
Rating/Category: PG for language
Prompt: Magazine
Summary: Jimmy is just trying to read a magazine but Bo is still persistent as hell.
Notes/Warnings: None really. I’m pretty new at this so I’m sorry if it sucks. :D
Disclaimer: Don't Own!

Just One KissCollapse )
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Jimmy/Bo Music Video 
03:08pm 26/12/2008
  I had a boring Christmas. :D

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About Me 
09:48am 29/10/2008
Name: Jenny
Fave Fandoms: True Blood, Prison Break, Gossip Girl, Angel, Heroes, Ugly Betty, and too many movies.
Fave Slashy Couples: Bo/Jimmy, mainly. But Brian/Justin (Queer as Folk) are cute.
Fave Websites: Facebook, Fanforum, LJ, People and JustJared
Fave Song at the Moment: the White Tie Affair's debut album.
Do you write slash fic?
The Jimmy/Bo storry I have developing in my head will be my first. But I'm also developing a gay romance novel, so we'll see.
Do you make icons? I wish. I'm not that artistically talented.
Why do you love Jimmy/Bo?
Likely the same reason everyone does. They fit together well and, whether the atrraction is one-sided or not, I can see them becoming good friends then possibly moving into something more. It's a classic story. Besides, I adore Milo.
The Quote that Rocks Your Socks: Bo: What the f**k was that? Jimmy: My dog. Bo: What kind of dog do you have? Jimmy: A normal one.
Something Random About You: I've been to France (the most amazing 10 days of my life!) and used to be a equestrian competitor.
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Hey peeps 
07:42pm 13/10/2008
mood: bouncy

Name: Sinead (teal_wolf)
Age: 17
Fav Fandoms: Heroes, Doctor Who, House M.D., Pathology, Cursed, Torchwood, Wolf's Rain, Shameless, Scrubs
Fav slashy couples: Peter/Sylar, Ten/Jack, Ten/Simm!Master, Rose/Martha, House/Chase, Wilson/Chase, House/Wilson, House/Wilson/Chase, Ted/Jake, Jimmy/Bo, Jack/Owen, Kiba/Tsume, Ian/Mickey, JD/Cox, JD/Turk
Fav website: LJ - it has everything
Fav song at the moment: Oh, way to many to pick...
Do you write slash fic?: Yep ^_^ Slash rules my brain
Do you make icons?: I'd like to, but I have no idea how :P
Why do you love Jimmy/Bo?: The mental image of Milo Ventimiglia with a guy? How could I resist. Plus the whole werewolf thing is awesome, I wish Jimmy'd stayed a werewolf, the Jimmy/Bo animal attraction would have been super.
The quote that rocks my socks?: Jimmy: You know what the best thing about being a fairy is, right? You get to fly.
Something random about you: I have a big scar on my hand from when I was climbing a metal fence, slipped, and it went straight threw my hand.
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Fic: Fear Of Flying 
08:24pm 14/06/2008
mood: bored

Title: Fear of Flying
Author: Zed
Fandom: Cursed
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is fiction. I don’t own any of the characters in it, nor am I trying to make any money from them.
Summary: How to overcome your fear of flying. Post-movie. Jimmy and Bo are an item in this short story.
Notes: Just a drabble I decided to do to see if I still haven’t forgotten how to write in English.

how to kill time during a flight

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Fic: When You're Heart Stops Beating 2/2 
02:50am 30/05/2008
mood: sore
Title: When Your Heart Stops Beating
Chapters: 2/2
Author: csi_sanders1129
Genre: Angst. Romance.
Ratings: T.
Word Count: ~750
Pairings/Characters: Jimmy/Bo.
Synopsis: There were several lasting effects still lingering from Jimmy’s recent experience as a lycanthrope.
Comments: Gah, I'm so sorry this took so long to get up. I had it done like last month but forgot to post it. Ummm... the boys aren't mine, original characters are. Hope you liked! Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2
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I just realized I didn't introduce myself *feels dumb* 
10:20pm 06/05/2008
mood: happy
Name: David (aka Double D)
Age: 16
Fav Fandoms: House MD, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Heroes and of course Cursed
Fav slashy couples: House/Wilson, Ten/Jack, Jack/Ianto, Peter/Nathan and Jimmy/Bo.
Fav website: Probably LJ
Fav song at the moment: Ooh, tough one. Sakura Kiss (The theme tune to Ouran HC)
Do you write slash fic?: Uh-huh, and I love doing so :D
Do you make icons?: Occasionally, but my editing skills leave something to be desired... mainly editing skills XD
Why do you love Jimmy/Bo?: Is that a trick question? Other than the fact that it's canon (One-sided still counts, right?), they're relationship evolves and adapts throughout the movie, changing as the scenario changes. Brooke who is supposed to be the attractive girl who falls for Jimmy would've been better suited if she showed up more, but it's Bo who confesses love for Jimmy, Bo who helps him fight the werewolves, and in general.... they're just cute together okay?
The quote that rocks my socks?: Predictable but:
Jimmy: It's part of the curse, I'm appealing, I have an unnatural sexual allure.
Bo: *looks Jimmy up and down* Yeah, you do.
Something random about you: I have a drama exam tomorrow, and it's gonna go awful I just know it!
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N00b bearing fic 
04:11pm 05/05/2008
mood: happy
 A friend of mine brought the DVD of Cursed to a sleepover, and after reading the back and finding out it had Milo in it I decided it would be worth watching. Yasmin neglected to mention the yaoi until Milo's character showed up and I asked if he died. Go figure. Anyway I love the movie and Jimmy/Bo is my latest slash pairing.

Here's a (admitedly long drabble) that I wrote to warm me to the characers. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated, but if all you can come up with is *squee* that's welcome too : )

Title: Jimmy/Bo drabble

Author: Dark-Dreymer

Rating: R

Warnings: Strong language, Yaoi.

Disclaimer: Do not own the movie or characters. I am not a werewolf.

Spoilers: For the movie ‘Cursed’

Summary: What if that scene of ‘Cursed’ and happened differently.

Word Count: 1254 (I write long drabbles, okay?)

Comments: Are much appreciated and will help me in writing the sequel.

Dedicated To: My dear RL friend Yasmin, for unintentionally giving me a whole new Fandom to adore and a new pairing to ship.


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Fic- Luck of the Irish 
05:03pm 09/04/2008
mood: weird

Title: Luck of the Irish
Author: Spoodlemonkey
Pairing: Jimmy/Bo
Word Count: 2,446
Rating: M (R)
Disclaimer: Nope, don't own
Summary: A late St Patty's day present for everyone!- It wasnt like he'd never seen Bo shirtless before, it was just that *that* hadnt been there.

Comments: Basically, I've had the urge to write this story for a really long time now and i finally figured out how to! Besides, drunk Bo was amusing!


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